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What Is Public Relations?

Whenever I tell people that I am a Public Relations Manager the next question is always, what exactly is that? So, I decided that my first blog post would be informative since, even the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) had a hard time truly defining it. In short, a public relations professional’s job is to get businesses and/or people positive publicity. The longer explanation is that we are here to cultivate a positive reputation through various unpaid or earned communications utilizing various channels such as but not limited to: traditional media, social media and in person engagements.

We also defend our client’s reputation during circumstances that can threaten their credibility. We are not personal assistants, we are not managers, advertisers, marketers, although many of us have backgrounds in those industries. Marketing and advertising are vehicles that can be used for public relations, but it is not the same thing. If you want a more in depth explanation please take the time to read this article:

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