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PR In A Post Covid World

I think it’s safe to say that we were all affected (if not infected) by Covid-19. However, it seems like the pandemic is becoming endemic and something we will have to learn to live with. I want to share my thoughts based on an article I read, “What Does Life Look Like for PR Post-COVID?”. As a publicist it is important to be updated with current news especially when it comes to one’s industry.

I was never really keen on being active on all Social Media platforms until I started Sincerely Nicole Media. Even before the pandemic, Social Media has been playing a big role in communicating brands/businesses missions to their respective audiences. During the pandemic, more people started to become active on multiple social media platforms.

“Social media will continue to play a pivotal role in keeping people connected. According to Business Insider, between 46% and 51% of U.S. adults began using social media more at the outset of the pandemic. Therefore, it is now important to consider brand placement and communication. Having an adaptable and diverse communication strategy incorporating social media, media outreach, and various media channels is critical to your PR campaign’s success.”

With my current clients, I make sure that their Social Media presence is strong because I am aware of how important it is today. It will continue to be this way and that’s why it’s essential that SNM keeps up.

Another thing that I thought would be a challenge was to start mainly working from home. Although I've been freelancing since 2019, I was more of a work at a coffee shop kind of girl. I also started hiring people remotely and it turns out to be just as productive as working from the office. In PR, you have to learn how to be adaptable to change if you want to survive. This is true even in life in general.

“Public relations, like countless other industries, has undergone major changes throughout the pandemic, which is why it’s important that PR professionals approach our dynamic landscape with an open mind and the ability to adapt thoughtfully for and in the new year.”

With all that being said, “What Does Life Look Like for PR Post-COVID?”. Public Relations will be stronger than ever. Companies will realize the need for good and trustworthy PR professionals. SNM will thrive as long and I am excited for the future as the worst is already behind us (I hope).

If you want to read more on the article that inspired this post, click here. You can register for free to get access to more great articles on their website.

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