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If you aren't active on Twitter you are probably completely confused about what Rich Ass Karen even means. It was definitely one of those you had to be there moments but it started with a tweet about men grocery shopping for delivery services and spiraled into my biggest online controversy to date. Because of the virality I was able to raise over $5000 for my friend with breast cancer. I have raised smaller amounts for people over my 15 years on the platform for rent, food, kid's Christmas presents and much more. I want to continue doing so but I can't do it alone.

Mutual aid has long been one of the ways the Black community has supported one another. I want to be apart of continuing that tradition in our new digital world. Every item you purchase will be used to support a person in need. I eventually want to turn Rich Ass Karen into a non-profit but until then, I'll be adding new items to the page monthly. 

If you have a mutual aid request please use the contact form and we will do the best we can to meet your need. 

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